Sunday, July 09, 2006

Elvin Jones/ Jimmy Garrison Sextet - Just Us Blues

Album - Illumination!

Recorded - 1963

This track dropped into my consciousness really by chance - let me explain. I own, as you may have figured out by now, rather a lot of Jazz. Now, a lot of this is on vinyl, and in order to get it out to you lovely people, it needs to be turned into mp3 files*. Now, many jazz LPs are pretty short by current standards, so for general listening purposes I tend to create an audio CD with two albums on. You can imagine the rest... "Hmmm, Elvin Jones is a drummer, I know, i'll pair him up with Max Roach." And so while listening to yesterday's 'Nommo', I also ended up hearing this beauty. It hardly stretches the talents of the leaders, but it's great nonetheless.

Jimmy Garrisson kicks off with a remarkably short (for him) bass intro, before we're treated to some down and dirty blues. It's pretty straightforward stuff, but for me what makes it stand out is the wonderfully lackadaisical tone of Sonny Simmon's sax. It's almost as if it really was the end of the night - you can imagine the house lights going up and the place being cleaned up, the band barely able to stand, but still capable of just one more jam. As such, it makes for great late night/early morning listening.

*If anyone's interested in how to do this, let me know and maybe someday i'll do a post on it.

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