Monday, July 17, 2006

Archie Shepp - U-Jamma

Album - Parisian Concert

Recorded - 1977

From his straightahead period comes an Archie that might be unfamiliar to those raised on a diet of impulse! and BYG recordings from earlier in the decade. Around this time, Shepp realised that he'd taken the free thing as far as he was going to get, and rediscovered his influences with a fine set of firmly bop-influenced performances. Also worth a listen is the same year's 'Goin' Home', an album of spirituals recorded as duets with pianist Horace Parlan that are as inventive within the bounds of the source material as Shepp was in 1964 with 'Four For Trane'. This particular piece shows off his Ben Webster influence very well indeed, that broad tone shining out from in front of a fairly average French rhythm section. This track became a bit of a fixture for Shepp around this time and even made it onto 2001's 'Live In New York', such is it's staying power. It's also a great riposte to anyone that reckons Shepp was losing his chops around this time, with some frenetic yet well-controlled soloing throughout.

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