Monday, October 17, 2005

The Not-Quite Daily Jazz

The astute amongst you (you? are there any of you out there? Leave a comment or send an email) will have noticed that the 'daily' jazz hasn't been daily for a while - well, my enthusiasm for the project hasn't dwindled, it's just that i've been off on holiday in the lovely town of Bath. It's always fun going away as you get the opportunity to pick up records you might not normally see, so thanks to Bath's record shops for the following;

JOHN COLTRANE - The Complete Mainstream 1958 Sessions

A set of recordings that Coltrane made in 1958 with a group comprising Wilbur Harden, Tommy Flanagan, Curtis Fuller, Louis Haynes and Art Taylor. Fantastic playing from Trane throughout. Really shows how he'd moved on in a couple of years from the next one...

JOHN COLTRANE - Tranesition - the complete Paul Chambers Sessions

This is exactly what it says, a complete set of Coltrane sessions from 1956 with the common thread of Paul Chambers on bass and Philly Joe Jones on drums. Think 'Blue Train' and you wouldn't be far off.

CECIL TAYLOR - Hard Drivin' Jazz

More late 1950's sessions featuring Cecil Taylor, before he went totally out to lunch. Has the added bonus of featuring John Coltrane on tenor in the first set.

CECIL TAYLOR - Conquistador!

Cecil after going out to lunch, from the late 60's. Sounds a lot like Don Cherry's 'Symphony for Improvisers' played on the piano.

ALICE COLTRANE - Transfiguration

An interesting (and very free) live set from 1976 with Roy Haynes and Reggie Workman (i think). Great organ sound, she really does sound like no one else.

THE ANDREW HILL JAZZPAR OCTET +1 - The Day The World Stood Still

A 2003 recording of Andrew Hill's band playing live at an awards ceremony (he had just won some sort of 'lifetime achievement' award). He really does give the band lots of room to stretch out and the whole thing comes across as sounding fresh and modern. 'Progressive' in the very best sense of the word.

Time permitting, look out for extended reviews of the above albums (and more) soon.

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