Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Jazz Blogs

I've been nosing around on the net tonight, looking for other jazz blogs, and here for your delectation are some of the finest...

Jazz and Conversation

Generally, this doesn't look all that great. It seems to be a radio station, and they've got an article on Jamie Cullum, for goodness' sake. But they do redeem themselves by featuring mp3 downloads, and a track off the newly discovered Monk-Trane live recording that's now available.

Soul Sides

Not strictly jazz, but this mp3 blog seems to be a labour of love from someone who deeply loves his funky music. Files are only available for 10 days from posting, so get there quickly! I can particularly reccomend Charles Kynard's Soul Reggae.

Funky 16 Corners

Not really jazz either, but funkier than a mosquito's tweeter. Check out King Curtis' take on Whole Lotta Love!


Another recently started jazz/funk/soul blog by the look of it, not so many mp3's on this one but still worth a look especially if you're looking for reviews of obscure records.

There'll be more of this as I find it.

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