Saturday, May 20, 2006

Bad Record Sleeves part 2

I hope all of your stomachs have recovered, as they get worse from here on in...

More 70s jazz-funk dodginess. What's that - a hat on a pyramid. It looks a bit like a man. Bestriding a city. With lots of 'heavy' weather going on. What a mess.

Miles again. Never tell a coked-up megastar they can draw, especially if it's the 1980s.

What have you got to look happy about, Sonny? Your record looks crap. (actually this is quite good, better than you would expect for a past-his-prime jazz megastar in the 1980s)

I feel sick every time I look at this. Not much else to say.

Roy Haynes was once voted as Esquire magazine's "best dressed man of the year", according to the sleeve note. Looks like he finds that almost as funny as I do. It must have been a long time ago...

So that's my top (or bottom) 10. Now over to you - feel free to send in anything that you find particularly unpleasant to look at, especially if the music within is actually quite good. Apologies to any of you who now feel unwell, rest assured this is normal and will pass with a lie down and a nice cup of tea.


Tim said...

The Sonny Rollins cover looks like the kind of thing you'd expect from one of those "We'll press you 1000 CDs for 500 bucks,and we'll provide free cover art" kind of places. Or maybe one of those "best of" CDs you see at Wal Mart of famous artists on some label you've never heard of with song titles you've never heard of.

Sam Baden said...

That Weather Report one is not so bad, given the excess present on most rock album covers of the period (clearly the audience they were going for). BTW, nice blog.

tom said...

hello, pretty cool blog you got! wanted to introduce myself: i just started my own blog about instruments, and added a link to your blog on my "blogroll". my blog is brand new, so i don't really have a lot of cool stuff (yet!) but i will soon. i would really appreciate a link back to my blog from yours, if possible? either way, keep up the good blogging.

Chilly Jay Chill said...

That Roy Haynes cover is going to give me nightmares! Appallingly awful. Great post and been enjoying your blog for the last few months.

BTW, I recently started an MP3 blog of rare and out-of-print jazz tunes. Mostly on the avant aside, but not totally. Suspect some of it would be appealing to you.