Friday, May 19, 2006

Bad Record Sleeves part 1

Yesterday's post featured a sleeve picture so dire that regular reader Stewart was prompted to comment...

¡Ay Carumba! Surely this cover has got to make it into your top ten of worst Jazz album covers. Fair enough, it's not as bad as this crap, but still. I demand a top ten crap Jazz album covers. Come on.

Well, ask and ye shall recieve. Like all good top tens, this one is going to split itself up - 5 today, and 5 tomorrow. So without further ado...

A gentle start with Mr Hancock looking decidedly jazz-funk on this patchy 1970s album.

You can imagine the meeting in Columbia's art department. "Right then lads, we need ideas for the new Miles LP. It's called Water Babies". "I know, what about some erm.. babies playing in the um.. water?" I'm not sure if the drugs were too strong, or not strong enough.

I'm not really sure that the children in this shot are really appreciating the sight of Roland Kirk in full flow, are you?

There's not a lot I can say about this one. Would you take him home to meet your mother? Read about the album here

Help! There's a beaver trying to steal that man's saxophone. Ouch. Good album though. Read more here


Peter MacDonald said...
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Peter MacDonald said...

#7 made me think of Jonah "I Dig Chicks" Jones; there always seem to be a surplus of his albums at thrift shops.

(Actually, some of those aren't too unpleasant to look at!)