Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Leviathan Brothers

I had an email from a guy connected with Leviathan Brothers directing me over to their site, and I thought i'd say a few words, because what I found there was very good indeed. From what I can glean, they're a piano trio based in the US with a sense of humour and some nice tunes. Their site has a few mp3s to download, which are a damn fine listen, so go there and download them now.

The music is not unlike the previously featured Jacob Fred Jazz Oddyssey, being a mix of virtuoso jazz playing and popular tunes. So thanks to Miguel Sawaya (bass), Sean O'Connell (piano) and Miles Senzaki (drums) for some great music.

You can also find the band at MySpace where there are more mp3s as well as this description of their sound, which kind of sums it up for me - "a piano with a bass. Then there are some drums. And songs. Some sort of organized songs are definitely making themselves heard. And coughing. Is someone coughing in there? It sounds like. Bring up the drums a little. That's better. Do you hear that sound? It's like "rhhrrrrr". You don't hear it? Left side. See. Sounds like yellow."

Makes perfect sense, right?

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